hair care for the great outdoors

Going camping this summer? Get ready to get out and enjoy nature. Festival season is here, too – and so is the Fresh Hair kit. Perfect for packing light when you camp, wherever that might be. Feeling (and smell!) your loveliest, all summer long.

have refillable bottles, will travel

Tickets booked? Shop our range of refillable alumiunium bottles of sustainable hair care in travel-friendly sizes. Minimise plastic waste by filling our mini bottles with your favourite products – refillable every time you go away.

zero waste hair care that works

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and wave hello to our range of eco-friendly alternatives. Every wash is a guilt-free pleasure with our award-winning hair care. Choose your favourite fragrance blend and heads with hair that smells so, so good.

eco-friendly hair care that smells great

Shop solid bars and hair care refills – with your choice of fragrance.

our story

Hairy Jayne isn’t actually hairy! But as a hairdresser, Jayne always found herself covered in hair. A graphic design degree, twenty years of hairdressing and black hair dye allergy all culminated in the creation of Hairy Jayne handmade hair care. 

Jayne began blending argan oil with essential oils, and created her first natural hair oil back in 2010. She now produces an entire range of natural hair care from a dedicated kitchen within an ex-bakery in Bristol – all packaged with sustainable, zero waste materials.

our customers ♥ our hair care

"Amazing shampoo! Took a little while to adjust to using a bar, but now I will never go back." Rhoslyn

"They not only smell delicious but my hair is incredibly hydrated and has no frizz at all." Polly

"First sustainable shampoo/conditioner bars I have used to not make my hair feel greasy!" Holly

"Love Hairy Jayne's pre-shampoo oil, shampoo bar... leaves hair soft, manageable and healthy" Nicky

"Lovely products - non-toxic & minimal plastic to boot - great customer service too." Barbara

have a go at making your own

Looking for a fun and wholesome activity? Come and join us in Bristol for a hands-on workshop. Learn all about zero waste hair potions, create products with your own natural fragrance blends, or make your own custom soap dish!

Our in-person workshops are held at our studio in Totterdown, Bristol. Fun, friendly sessions – come on your own or share a lovely experience with a friend.