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what our customers say...

"My hair used to be quite curly, then it started to lose the curl, and by the time I had my son it had basically gone to pot! Looked terrible if it got longer than my chin, and I couldn't find any products that really helped and didn't weigh it down (it's naturally quite fine). Almost immediately after using your shampoo bar, it looks and feels so much better, and the curl is coming back. And it stays looking fuller for so much longer. I'm never buying another type of shampoo again!" Lindsay

"My hairdresser noticed I'd switched shampoo / conditioner - she was super impressed with my locks!" Steph

"I have fuzzy ends/ greasy scalp/ bleached / over dyed hair that I am trying to grow out and honest to goodness the change in my hair from the first wash and condition is amazing. Your products are absolutely brilliant. My hair actually looks healthy for once and my itchy scalp from hair dye has settled as well. I am a 100% Hairy Jayne convert." Kiaran Black

"These hair perfumes are gorgeous… they do what they are supposed to and smell divine… Thank you" Amanda

"I just wanted to say that I love your products and they make, not only my hair, but my skin, feel great!" Melanie

"I have just used for the first time my Hairy Jayne shampoo – Amazing. Hair feels soft but not flat. Can't wait to wash my hair again…

" Stasha

"I'm no scientist so I think this conditioner is some kind of magic. I have ultra fine hair but I have body even without styling after using the Light conditioner. And it smells a.mazing." Zoe

"They are the the best natural hair products I've found so far - and I've tried a lot over the years but never found anything my hair is quite suited to." Susan

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