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Travel Size Refillable Bottles | 30ml + 100ml aluminium bottles

Hairy Jayne
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Our aluminium travel bottles are reusable every time your take a trip. Fill them up from full sized bottles or with our refills. A choice of 2 sizes – dinky 30ml capacity for shorter trips or carry-on friendly 100ml for bigger journeys.

All come with write-on stickers so you can label them yourself. Choose a plain aluminium lid (for runnier liquids like our Light Conditioner and hair oils) or add either a pump (best for our Cream and Treatment Conditioners) or atomiser spray attachment (for our Hair Perfumes). Reusable aluminium tins for solid bars are also available.

Make your own beauty products at home? These easy-to-use bottles are also great for keeping your DIY creations in, and to reuse time and time again. 

Please note – the neck diameter of these bottles is 24mm, the same as our regular size 250ml shampoo and conditioner bottles. The pumps from our regular size shampoo and conditioner bottles do fit them, although the inner tube would need to be cut shorter. The atomiser sprays from our amber glass hair perfume bottles are 18mm, so they don't fit these aluminium bottles.