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Quick-dry Hair Towel | smooth hair with less blowdrying

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Save time on blow-drying, save your hair damage, save energy consumption and save space in your minimal zero waste bathroom! Much better for you and the planet.

There are many microfibre hair towel benefits, and this hair towel wrap stays put while you go about your day. It wrap fastens at the back with a wooden button – minimising frizz-inducing static.


The hair towel wrap is made from super soft microfibres that absorb (and dry) much faster than regular cotton towels. Softer than a regular towel so the hair is subject to less friction – meaning less frizz, fewer fly-aways, less breakage and much smoother hair.

Great to have in your indoor or outdoor wild swimming kit, and as part of your camping gear (if you plan on showering!). Perfect when doing at-home conditioning treatments and hair colours. Protects your pillow when sleeping with treatments in overnight, too. Just pop in the washing machine after use. 

Simply gather the length of the towel at the top of the head, twist and secure with the wooden button at the back of the head. The hair towel wrap is lightweight and stays on the head far more securely and comfortably than a regular bath towel would.

The grey microfibre material is synthetic. However this is not a single use product – it is reusable, washes well and is easy drying. 

Quick-dry hair towel is also part of our Frizz Tamer bundle.

One size fits all.