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 our award-winning citrus shampoo bar

Hairy Jayne isn’t actually hairy
(she’s just very obsessed with hair care)

Unlike a lot of other zero waste beauty brands in the UK, we live, breathe and specialise in hair care. We only make hair care. We believe that living a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t mean compromising how lovely your zero waste shampoo and conditioner makes your hair feel. In fact, we really think you ought to be rewarded with really happy hair for being so eco friendly!

Sustainability is just as important to us as using good ingredients. Single use plastic waste is a big no-no. All of our packaging is either plastic free, biodegradable or comes in refillable bottles. We reuse packing materials wherever we can and plant a tree with every product sold. All of the products have been registered with the Vegan Society and are 100% cruelty free. We make everything by hand on site here in a dedicated kitchen within a former bakery in Bristol, UK.


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Meet Hairy Jayne

Jayne was a professional hairdresser in London for almost 20 years. She has cared for literally thousands of heads of hair of all shapes and sizes. Her obsession with natural hair care came after buying some argan oil on a trip to Morocco. Jayne now formulates and oversees the making of all her refillable and zero waste hair care products. So she knows exactly what goes into them. 

Jayne has chosen vegan and cruelty free, naturally derived ingredients that are mild on your skin, on your hair and on the planet. Carefully selected ingredients, based on hair science, that care more about your hair and the environment than “the bottom line”. With that in mind, we don’t use any sulphates whatsoever. But we do use moisturising ingredients, powerful plant oils and delicious fragrances made from essential oil blends.


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Please feel free to ask Jayne at any time for hair care advice if you need it, she’s always happy to help.

Follow us on Instagram and read her blog posts, where she shares lots of helpful hair care tips. 

Or for more plastic free living products and inspo, head over to our zero waste online refill shop bloopbristol.com.

Images courtesy of @the_skint_millennial, make-up @beautybyrajneejannoo.