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Natural shampoo to make your hair fresh, clean and shiny. We never add sulphates, parabens or any other dodgy ingredients to our cruelty free and vegan shampoo. Brought to you by a hairdresser-owned indie business.

customers love our natural shampoo

At last, at last - into my 60's now but finally found a shampoo and conditioners that make my thick, curly hair look like proper hair rather than a horses's mane. Thank you thank you Hairy Jayne - please never, never stop making your lovely products.

Amazing shampoo! It took a little while to adjust to using a bar (as opposed to a typical shampoo), but now I will never go back. My hair is never dry and I don't even need to use conditioner anymore!

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Hairy Jayne's products are good for the planet and good for your hair.... plus they smell amazing. Great service too - highly recommended.

commonly asked natural shampoo questions

What are sulphates in shampoo?  
Sulphates in shampoo, like sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate, are cleansing agents that help remove dirt and oils from hair. However, sulphates in many shampoos can be harsh and not good for hair.

They can strip natural oils and sometimes cause hair to become dry or irritate the scalp. Natural shampoos, like the ones from Hairy Jayne, use gentler, plant-based ingredients and contain all natural ingredients, helping promote overall hair health.

How do you use dry shampoo?
You can use dry shampoo by spraying or sprinkling it directly onto the roots of your hair. Let the dry shampoo set for a minute or so, then massage it into your scalp and brush out excess powder. This is a great option to refresh hair between washes without needing water.

Do shampoo bars last longer than bottled?
Shampoo bars tend to last longer than bottled shampoo because they are more concentrated. They also don't contain added water, which means you only need to use a small amount each time. Additionally, because they're solid, there's less risk of accidental spills or overuse.

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