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Spring hair care: 7 ways to spring clean your hair routine

Spring hair care: 7 ways to spring clean your hair routine

As the end of January approaches, and the daylight starts to feel longer, spring is just around the corner. Time to start thinking about coming out of hibernation and spring cleaning. Time to start thinking about your spring hair care routine. 

Some hair fall, all year round, is normal and happens naturally to us all. But winter is the season where it is more common due to the decreased sunlight exposure and changes in temperature and humidity. 

Find out if there any hair care products that you might need to add or switch out as the weather warms up. Restore your hair and keep your hair feeling and looking its best this spring. Our expert spring hair care tips will help you to keep your scalp nourished and hair strands healthy.

Our 7 tips for spring hair care

1. A scalp boost to combat the stresses of winter

Winter can be a bad time for dry hair and scalps. Wooly hats and very cold temperatures can sometimes cause hair breakage and dry indoor air can dehydrate the scalp further. Give your hair and scalp the boost that it deserves by using a hair oil before shampoing. Leaving the oil in for half an hour or even overnight will give it time to nourish the scalp follicles and restore the hair's natural shine.

Best product for scalp health: Hairy Jayne Pre-shampoo Treatment Oil is a blend of plant and essential oils that are beneficial for the scalp and hair lengths. Run a pipette of oil over the scalp and brush right through to the ends, leave to soak right in and then wash out the excess. 

2. Double shampoo for extra time between washes

If you're daily shampooing, it's time to stop. Less frequent hair cleansing leads to a healthier scalp and healthier hair. Daily hair washing means that its natural protective barrier is removed too quickly, which causes an excessive strain on both the strands and the scalps oil production. 

Shampooing only 1 - 3 days of the week is the goal. Leaving the hair that long sometimes means that it's harder to create a lather. If that's the case, do a preliminary shampoo to remove most of the oil and dirt. Then a second shampoo, with much less product, will ensure that a good lather and thorough cleanse are achieved. 

Best product for double shampoos: Hairy Jayne Shampoo Bars are sulphate free and provide a gentle cleanse. The solid bar format ensures that the perfect amount of product is used each wash. Aloe vera and mango butter moisturise and nourish both the hair and scalp.

A happy and healthy scalp grows strong and vibrant hair. The dynamic duo of Hairy Herbal Shampoo bar and Pre-shampoo Treatment oil nourishes the follicles and soothes any scalp irritation. The perfect hair care combination for people with sensitive scalp problems. And to maintain a healthy scalp for healthy growth.

3. Minimise seasonal hair loss by upping proteins and vitamins

Increased hair loss can be more common during spring, often due to a vitamin deficiency. An increase of your intake of B vitamins, zinc, copper, vitamin C and protein can help. If the hair loss feels excessive, it's worth investigating bigger issues that include hormonal imbalances, diet, air or water quality and stress. Protein and vitamins can be applied topically to the hair, too, as part of your spring hair care routine.

Best product for topical protein and vitamins: Hairy Jayne Treatment Conditioner has added hydrolysed wheat protein and panthenol. Wheat protein is a vegan alternative to keratin and panthenol is a form of vitamin B5. Using the treatment conditioner as a weekly hair mask will allow time for these two strengthening ingredients to get deep into the hair strands.

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Our refillable Treatment conditioner is full of very rich ingredients. Use either as an intensive mask or a super strength conditioner for hair that needs a lot of love. With moisture locking ingredients and protein to repair damage.

4. Use lukewarm water for hair rinsing for smoother hair

If you already have a dry scalp or dry hair, stear clear of using very hot water in the shower. Especially for fine hair which can be quite delicate. Opt for lukewarm water for rinsing instead, if you can bear it. This is because heat opens up the cuticle (or surface layer) of the hair which can cause damage to already weakened hair. Cooler water means that the hair's cuticle stays put which leads to a shinier appearance.

Best product for a smoother cuticle: Hairy Jayne Natural Beauty oil applied to the ends of cool, damp hair will seal moisture into it. A few drops will  create a smoothing, protective surface over the cuticle layer, too.

A plant-powered multi-purpose oil for both hair and skin, made from a blend of hair and skin friendly plant oils. The potent, non-greasy blend of natural oils nourishes dry hair and feeds the skin with essential nutrients, fatty acids, omegas and protective antioxidants. All natural and 100% biodegradable.

5. Detangle your hair gently to prevent unnecessary loss or breakage

Detangling hair should be a slow and gentle process using the right tool that will minimise damage. If the tool that you're using isn't smooth and scratches the back of your hand, it's time to upgrade it. If you're detangling wet hair in the shower, make sure that conditioner is applied to the lengths and ends to add extra slip. For very tangled hair, start with the end few inches and work your way up the hair. 

Best product for smoother detangling: Hairy Jayne Bamboo Detangling Comb has a smooth finish and extra wide teeth for less tugging. Great addition to your spring hair care routine and to use all year round.

6. Use heatless drying techniques for minimal damage

Hair that has become dry and brittle in the winter months will benefit from a break from blowdrying. Heated styling compromises the cuticle and over drying leads to moisture loss in both the scalp and the strands. Take advantage of the weather as it warms up and naturally air dry your hair wherever possible. 

Best product for heatless drying: Hairy Jayne Quick Dry Hair Towels are made from microfibre which is super absorbent. The wooden button holds the turban-style towel in place as you go about getting yourself ready. 

There are many microfibre hair towel benefits, and this hair towel wrap stays put while you go about your day. It wrap fastens at the back with a wooden button – minimising frizz-inducing static.

7. When you do blowdry, make sure you use protection from the heat

Air drying not your thing? Luckily there are hair products that offer protection from the damaging heat of hairdryers. Creating a barrier between the cuticle and the hot air, heat protectors will minimise any moisture loss and prevent breakage and split ends.

Best product for heat protection: Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume with Heat Protection will minimise heat damage while adding a light natural fragrance and serum. The serum also calms any frizz and adds in shine. 

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Not just a perfume, it also adds shine, calms frizz and protects your hair from heat – all in one spritz.

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