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Wonky Products | scuffed, sample + discontinued items

Hairy Jayne
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Our collection of 'wonky' products at discounted prices (mostly half price!). Each item is still in date and still 100% useful, it just might have slightly scuffed packaging, a little dent or a small mark on it. Or the odd one out in a batch. The reason for discounting is in brackets.

These are the original listings of the wonky items if you need further product info. If you have any questions about a wonky product before purchasing, please feel free use the contact form or Shopify at the bottom of the screen.

Lavender flower water (being discontinued) - usually £8.50

Treatment conditioner - travel size – usually £8

Shampoo bar holder - usually £7

Soap dish – usually £18

Swim Kit – wash bag only

Hair perfume set - 3 x 30ml - usually £26

Electric toothbrush heads - for Oral B - reduced to £3.00 (clearance)

Truthbrush bamboo toothbrush heads - Sonicare - reduced to £4 (clearance)