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Bamboo electric toothbrush heads | plastic free

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Truthbrush have spent 2 years in development on their latest innovation - the very first solid bamboo electric toothbrush head. Using sustainably sourced bamboo to create an electric toothbrush head to fit Philips Sonicare* electric toothbrushes.

These beautiful bamboo heads have medium 100% castor oil bristles, are fully biodegradable (so no need for recycling) and of course they come in biodegradable plastic free packaging. There's 2 in a pack.

The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo make the Truthbrush heads very hygienic. Pair with toothpaste tablets for a zero waste dental routine. 

Truthbrush carbon offset its journey from the factory to the UK. The all female team are also members of 1% For The Planet, giving 1% of total sales to environmental non-profits creating positive change. 

*compatible with Philips models: HX9003, HX9013, HX9112, HX9141, HX9172, HX9182, HX9332, HX9340, HX9342, HX9350, HX9352, HX9362, HX9363.