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Himalayan Pink Salt | cosmetic grade rock salt

Hairy Jayne: Home Brew
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Himalayan salt is a natural rock salt containing over 80 minerals. Its health benefits make it great for adding to your bath water and using in DIY beauty recipes. 

Add 100-200g of himalayan pink salt to your bath for relaxation or 500g to soothe muscles. It is said to ease pain, reduce stress, reduce fatigue, improve emotional health and leave the skin feeling smooth and revived. Or use in 50-100g in warm water for a reviving foot soak.

Himalayan pink salt originates in the Himalayan mountains. A great ingredient for homemade beauty product recipes. It is part of our Home Brew range of 100% pure ingredients in zero waste plastic free packaging. Featured in Hairy Jayne's DIY recipe for Sea Salt Hair Spray.

100g or 500g packaged in a paper bag.

Botanical name: Halite.