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DIY recipe pdf | make your own bespoke hair oils

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If you can make a salad dressing, you can definitely make a hair oil! It's super simple once you know which ingredients are which. Learn how to make your own natural hair oils at home, how you like them.

This free downloadable DIY recipe has all you need to know about how to get started making your own bespoke hair oils to suit hair type and taste. Your bespoke oil can be used as a leave-in oil, pre-shampoo treatment oil or even as a beard oil.

All of the ingredients included in the recipes are available to buy from our Hairy Jayne Home Brew collection. Everything you need to get started, all in one place. Easy.

The pdf includes our Make Your Own Bespoke Hair Oil recipe with instructions of how to select the best carrier oils to nourish your hair. It also includes Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends, with instructions for blends inspired by Hairy Jayne's signature hair care fragrances. Or our pre-made Hairy Jayne essential oil blends are now available to buy to fragrance your creations.

The digital download link will be emailed instantly after checkout for you to either save on screen or print. Happy experimenting!