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Switch up your hair care routine

Right now, with all this staying in, it's as good a time as any to try switching up your hair care routine and trying these hair care tips. With the nation in lockdown we’re obviously seeing less of each other and life is a little . So it’s the perfect time to experiment with different hair care tips to look after your hair. 

Good hair day... if only they happened every day, huh? Hair definitely goes through different phases – sometime days it’s oily, sometimes dry, occasionally frizzy, static, flat. The causes are varied and many are invisible so sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s affecting your hair’s unruly behaviour. All a bit of a mystery.

Hormonal changes, diet, the water quality, the weather, stress, hair colouring, the length of your hair… the of possible culprits list is endless!

But don't worry, I have a few hair care tips that can at least remedy the symptoms even if you're not sure of the cause. 

My top 5 tricks for you could try when your hair (or scalp) starts to play up:

1. Use a hair oil. A really natural way of conditioning both your hair and scalp. There are different oils that are good for different hair types. We make Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil which is a blend of four oils – coconut, olive, argan and pomegranate seed – along with some scalp-boosting essential oils so it's a bit of an all-rounder.

2. Try reverse washing. This is a good one for those times your scalp’s going though a greasy stage but your ends still needs some conditioning. See our previous post about it here.

3. Try co-washing. If you have wavy or curly hair this is a great one to try. Especially if it’s going frizzy or static regularly. I have wavy hair and I tried it back when it was bleached, this is what happened.

4. Sleep with Treatment Conditioner in your hair. Again, when I had bleached hair I did this a lot. I would put this in my hair dry and comb it through. Usually on a weeknight watching telly so I could leave it to soak in for at least an hour before bed. (Doing this meant I didn’t have to wrap my head up to protect my pillow case!). Wash and condition as per usual in the morning and spend the day running your hands through your lovely soft hair.

5. Shampoo less frequently. You can actually "train" your hair to tolerate less washing. Less washing is actually better for your hair as you elongate the cycle of removing and replacing your scalp’s natural oils, which keeps your hair stronger and healthier. If you’re really struggling with the grease, you can make a very simple dry shampoo at home. Mix a little bit of bicarbonate of soda in if you have some for extra grease absorption. And a few drops of essential oils if you want your hair to smell fancy. Or use our Hair Perfume on the ends.

Let the experimentation commence!

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