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Reverse washing for fine hair

Huh, what’s reverse washing?

Well… instead of shampooing and then conditioning, you do the reverse instead.

And why would you do that? Well, if you happen to have fine hair that gets dry or tangly but it tends to feel quite greasy, limp, flat or lank after using conditioner, reverse washing is the way forward. Especially if it’s fine and straight hair, as straight hair isn’t as ‘thirsty’ as wavy or curly hair.

By reverse washing you get all the moisture balancing benefits of conditioner without leaving any residue on your hair. This method isn’t recommended for really coarse wavy or curly hair as it usually benefits from having some conditioner left in the hair to smooth it out, and it can usually take the weight. But of course you can indeed use this method if you like to pump up the volume!

Reverse washing is really easy – just wet your hair as normal and apply your conditioner. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse. Then apply your shampoo, massage in and rinse again. 

This system works with solid shampoo and conditioner bars as well as liquid products.

After reverse washing you should notice bouncier hair right away and then fewer split ends over time. You should also notice that you don’t need to wash your hair as frequently.

You’re welcome!

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