Reverse washing for fine hair

Huh, what’s reverse washing?

Well… instead of shampooing and then conditioning, you do the reverse instead. Conditioner on before the shampoo.

Why would you do this reverse washing?

For fine hair that lacks volume but has dry ends, I usually recommend our Light Conditioner. But for some heads of fine hair, the mere mention of conditioner tends to make it feel greasy, limp, flat or lank. Especially if it’s straight hair, as straight hair isn’t as ‘thirsty’ as wavy or curly hair so the conditioner tends to just sit on top of it rather than work it's way in.

For this kind of hair, reverse washing is the way forward. No more flat hair.

It is also good for the type of fine hair that gets easily weighed down but finds our Light Conditioner is too light to offer enough conditioning on its dry ends. For this kind of hair I'd recommend going up a notch to the Cream Conditioner and trying reverse washing.

How reverse washing works

By reverse washing, you get all the moisture balancing benefits of conditioner without leaving any residue on your hair. This method works with both our solid shampoo and conditioner bars as well as our liquid products.

This method isn’t recommended for really thick or coarse wavy or curly hair. This hair type usually benefits from having a bit of conditioner residue left in to smooth it and add some weight. But of course wavy curly people can use this method when they really want to pump up the volume! Rules are there to be broken after all.

Reverse washing is really easy

Just wet your hair as normal and apply your conditioner. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse. Then apply your shampoo, massage in and rinse again. 

The results of reverse washing

After reverse washing you should notice bouncier hair right away, and then over time, fewer split ends. You might also notice that you don’t need to wash your hair as frequently, as the natural oils produced by your scalp aren't disrupted by conditioner residue any more.

Bouncier hair and less washing... You’re welcome!


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