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4 ways to indulge a student who’s leaving home with brilliant sustainable haircare gifts

4 ways to indulge a student who’s leaving home with brilliant sustainable haircare gifts

September is here, which means back to school for students. Many of whom will be leaving home to either start or resume college or university. A very exciting (probably very nerve wracking) time for anyone flying the nest. So a self care package of our indulgent (yet sustainable) hair care will be a pure treat for any budding scholar.

Your favourite student may already be sharing your refillable shampoo and conditioner at home, so now’s the time to get them their own. Or perhaps they’re planning to start the semester with new sustainable bathroom products and all vegan hair care.

Either way, we have some suggestions for how to spoil them when they leave the comforts of home to further their education.


1. A box Hairy Jayne vegan shampoo bars that'll last them all year

Anyone who’s conscious of the impact of waste pollution, environmental issues and climate change will be up for switching to vegan shampoo bars, if they’re not already using sustainable bathroom products. Shampoo bars are the most ‘zero waste’ option in the world of hair care, as they come in highly sustainable packaging – completely plastic free and in fully recyclable cardboard or paper.

Hairy Jayne All The Bars Shampoo Bundle

Our award winning Hairy Jayne shampoo bars are available in a letter box friendly bundle which means you get over a year’s worth of vegan shampoo bars delivered in one go.

If your student knows how to use conditioner bars and loves them, there’s the the complete bundle, too. It includes three shampoo bars, three conditioner bars plus a storage tin and cork mats for looking after them.

Hairy Jayne All The Bars Complete Bundle

If you need any more convincing of how good our shampoo bars are, there is a Hairy Jayne shampoo bar review here by Good Housekeeping Magazine.


2. Refillable options for students who prefer more traditional shampoos and conditioners 

If your favourite student would prefer their Hairy Jayne products to be of the liquid variety – not a problem. Our Jumbo refillable shampoo and conditioner bundle is a great gift, and the products should last a semester. Plus our biodegradable shampoo refill pouches can easily be ordered online (and sent anywhere in the UK) when it’s time to top up.

Hairy Jayne Jumbo Bundle of refillable shampoo and conditioner


If you’re not sure which Hairy Jayne conditioner would suit their hair best, check out our “12 types of hair” blogpost.


3. Quick hair fresheners for busy students with deadlines

When essays are due and stress levels are running high, there isn’t always time for the full shampoo and conditioning routine. Hair perfume and dry shampoo are great pick-me-ups for between washes.

Hairy Jayne hair perfume can be spritzed in to freshen up the ends and add shine. Our refillable dry shampoo is a quick fix for a fringe or parting that’s getting a little greasy.

Hairy Jayne Dry Shampoo

Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume 


4. The ultimate hair care treat for students into sustainable bathroom products

For refillable shampoo and conditioner fans, the ultimate student gift bundle would be the Mega Gift Set. This bundle has a little bit of everything you need for a zero waste hair care routine.

It includes dry shampoo, hair perfume, refillable and biodegradable shampoo and conditioner, two shots of treatment conditioner and a bamboo comb. Plus a mini funnel for when the products need refilling with our biodegradable shampoo refill pouches.

Hairy Jayne Mega Gift Set  


Some creature comforts for going back to school, and leaving home, to start the new academic year. You can be safe in the knowledge that they’re taking care of themselves and their hair. And that you’re helping them live their best sustainable vegan life.

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