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Refill your bottles at home with a biodegradable shampoo refill pouch of Hairy Jayne Nourishing Shampoo. (And save a bit of money, too).

Refillable sulfate free Nourishing Shampoo refill pouch in your choice of fragrance.

Best used with our Care products.


We're reducing carbon with Ecologi
A tree is planted for every product sold. 


How to use your shampoo refill:

Rinse your Hairy Jayne refillable bottle out well. Or if you don't have one, use another bottle that's 240ml capacity or more, preferably not a glass one for safety reasons. Hold your shampoo refill pouch at the top and snip a tiny corner off the bottom. Carefully pour the product into the bottle, best to do so over the sink. Tap the bottle on a hard surface at an angle to release any air bubbles as you go. Attach the sticky label to the bottle or keep it until the bottle is finished as it has the expiry date on it.

Please note, the shampoo refill pouches are biodegradable but are not recyclable at all. Please dispose of them in your regular or compost bin.

Exposure to sunlight or heat triggers a two-step degradation process, in which the plastic breaks down through oxidation into small fragments, which then biodegrade into the natural elements of carbon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals. The bags degrade and physically disintegrate in anything from a few weeks to 24 months depending on the physical conditions - oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress and microbes - in the disposal environment. In a landfill site, the packaging will degrade in around 12 to 24 months.

240ml of Nourishing Shampoo in shampoo refill pouch

For further information, including the ethical and sustainable ingredients, see Nourishing Shampoo.