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Using essential oil blends to create a cozy and aromatic ambiance in your home doesn’t require a lot of money or complicated tools. You can easily make a beautiful and functional essential oil diffuser using items you probably already have on hand. One of the most sustainable ways to do this is by repurposing a cute glass bottle (like this Orangina bottle) to create your own DIY essential oil diffuser.


An eco-friendly and budget-conscious way to enjoy essential oil blends at home.

What you'll need to make your DIY diffuser

• A glass bottle with a small neck 
• Essential oils or essential oil blend of your choice
• Rattan diffuser reeds*
• Perfumers alcohol or plain vodka

(*I used purple ones which actually turned the mixture purple in the image above, but you can also find non-dyed ones online or in craft shops. If you'd rather avoid using alcohol, use 1 cup of water instead, but the scent won't 'throw' as far).

Easy step-by-step instructions

1. Prepare your bottle
Begin by soaking the glass bottle in hot water to easily remove the label and to make sure that it is clean. Once the label is off, rinse and leave the bottle to dry thoroughly.

2. Choose your base
For the diffuser liquid, you have two options: perfumers alcohol or plain vodka. Both work well to help diffuse the essential oils because they evaporate faster than water, which helps to ‘throw’ the scent into the room. If you prefer to avoid alcohol, you can double the amount of water used, although the scent may not be as strong or dispersed as effectively.

3. Mix your diffuser solution
In a small jug or measuring cup, combine the following and stir well:
• 1/2 cup of perfumers alcohol or vodka.
• 1/2 cup of water.
• 60 drops total of essential oils or blend.
4. Assemble the diffuser
Pour the essential oil mixture into the prepared bottle. Insert the rattan diffuser reeds into the bottle. The reeds will absorb the mixture and gradually diffuse the scent into the air. Make sure you flip the reeds every now and then to maintain a consistent fragrance.

Top tips for success 

  • Orangina bottles are a great option due to the small neck and attractive shape, feel free to use any similar glass bottle you have at home. The amber glass bottles we use for our Hair Perfumes also work well. The key is to choose a bottle that looks good and also has a narrow neck to prevent the oils from evaporating too quickly.
  • Use rattan diffuser reeds, and not of bamboo skewers. Bamboo is not absorbent enough to effectively diffuse the oil. Rattan reeds have tiny channels that draw the oil up and disperse it into the air. I used purple reeds that I already had and the dye bled into the perfumers alcohol – if you don't want that to happen go for un-dyed reeds!
  • Experiment with different essential oil combinations to blend and create a personalised fragrance. Think about which room the diffuser will go in and which essential oils would suit the room. For instance,  our Musk blend has a calming effect so would be great in the bedroom, Citrus blends would work well in the bathroom, a Floral blend would brighten up a living space and Herbal deodorises kitchen smells.


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