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Flower water | organic orange for hydrating + toning

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Refresh your skin and your tresses with this all-in-one flower water - your new go-to for refreshed hair and a glowing complexion. Hydrate your hair with Organic Orange Flower Water and the fresh scent of neroli. Keep your skin glowing with this all-natural, refreshing botanical toner. The perfect way to freshen up and revive dry skin and hair.

Directions for use

Organic Orange Flower Water can be used many ways. This scented hydrolat will hydrate your hair between washes, give it a refreshing burst of neroli scent and provide aromatherapeutic benefits. Hydrolats can be re-applied as often as you like throughout the day – they won't build up or weigh the hair down. 

Organic Orange Flower Water for hair care:

• Spray flower water into dry hair whenever you'd like to wet and refresh your hair style (especially great for curly hair).

• Apply to your hair any time for a boost of hydration and antixoxidants, especially before using a hair oil, to seal moisture in.

• Use flower waters as a refreshing hair spritz after exercising, or in hot weather.

• Lightly fragrance your hair and enhance your mood: neroli helps to relieve stress and anxiety. 


Organic Orange Flower Water for skin care:

• Use as a facial toner by spritzing onto skin (avoid the eyes) or dampening a cotton pad. Pat gently into skin and allow to dry. 

• Use it as a refreshing facial spritz after exercising, or in hot weather.

• Mix with your favourite cosmetic clay (eg. french green clay, kaolin clay, rhassoul clay) to create your own simple DIY face masks.


Naturally neroli scented water. Produced during the steam distillation of orange, palmarosa and neroli essential oil. Hydrolats contain miniscule amounts essential oil allergens and are considered safe for sensitive skin and those seeking 'fragrance free' products.

What's in it?

This single-ingredient spritz is a pure hydrolat produced during the steam distillation of orange, palma rosa and neroli (orange blossom) essential oils and is a multipurpose beauty product. Organic Orange Flower Water has just one ingredient and is completely preservative free.

Ingredients list

INGREDIENTS: Aurantium Amara Flower Water.


Available in 100ml bottles with the option of 'with spray lid' or 'non spray lid' – which is an aluminium lid instead of atomiser spray. Choose 'non spray lid' if you have purchased a spray before and kept the spray lid.

Sustainable packaging info

Re-usable or 100% recyclable aluminium bottle. Choose either a re-usable spray lid (easily screws off to reuse) or plain aluminium screw lid (plastic free).