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7 gorgeous sustainable bathroom accessories to help you fulfil your plastic free living goals

7 gorgeous sustainable bathroom accessories to help you fulfil your plastic free living goals

By now, you’re probably painfully aware of the problem with plastic pollution, and now know that any plastic ever produced is still in existence somewhere. Whether it’s been reused, recycled, dumped in landfill or washed ashore on a beach, it's all building up and contributing to climate change.

We need to slow down our waste production by buying less of it and become more conscious consumers. Avoiding plastic wherever possible and investing in good, sustainable and reusable products. 

So, knowing this, plastic free living goals are your new jam. You’ve looked in your bathroom cabinet and ditched any products that come in single use plastic packaging. You've replaced them with solid bars or products in plastic free packaging – that’s either refillable or more readily recycled. 


Plastic free and sustainable bathroom swaps

You may have stocked up on our refillable shampoo and conditioner or shampoo and conditioner bars for sustainable bathroom swaps, depending on how you prefer to keep your lovely hair clean. You may even have some plastic free Hairy Jayne kit, like a bamboo comb or Jesmonite holder for your shampoo bar.

Gone are the plastic toothbrush and earbuds made with plastic sticks. You may have even made a sustainable bathroom swap over to a solid toothpaste

But what about the non-consumable stuff in your bathroom? 

Obviously the low waste living movement is about using what you have first, and not just throwing perfectly good things away to replace them with glass, bamboo, aluminium or other sustainable bathroom swaps. Reusing, repurposing and mending are top of the list, but if something is beyond saving and needs replacing, we’ve complied a wishlist of our 7 most coveted sustainable bathroom accessories available through indie brands and shops.


1. Add some pretty concrete with a bathroom mirror on a terrazzo stand

Who doesn’t love terrazzo concrete? This hardwearing mirror by Hubsch available at Monpote in Bristol is made from cast concrete and glass and the classic style will not date. 

Terrazo concrete mirror

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2. Peachy Parrot bath mats add a splash of organic colour

It’s very hard to choose a favourite bath mat by ethical brand Peach Parrot as they’re all very stylish and colourful! We first discovered the brand when working with blogger Little Big Bell, who has an absolutely gorgeous bathroom. Peach Parrot's soft, boho bath mats are handmade using natural materials and are posted in eco packaging.  

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3. Dry yourself with a fun Buzzy Bee organic cotton towel

Animal lovers will love Anorak’s range of organic cotton towels, we particularly like the bee design. Anorak are a small, family run company based in Dulwich, London and are inspired by the great outdoors and how we humans impact the environment.

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4. Save our seas with a vegan bath sponge

We love anything lilac or mint-coloured at Hairy Jayne, so these bath sponges are definitely on the list! Organic cotton with a plant based core and tab to hang them up, they are kind to both skin and the environment. (Did you know that sea sponges are actually animals?) Tabitha Eve make a wide range of reusable products for the home, and have a dedicated Plastic Free July section on their website.

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5. Get yourself a reusable metallic safety razor rather than a disposable plastic one

These reusable unisex razors by Jungle Culture are completely plastic free and are available from the Hairy Jayne website. We also make Jesmonite concrete stands for them which keep them dry to prolong their life.

Safety razor and handmade Jesmonite razor stand

6. Go minimal with a sustainable soap dish

If one of your sustainable bathroom swaps has been to soap bars, you'll be needing a nice soap dish! Prior Shop in Bristol have some simple style soap dishes made from sustainable materials. Prior is run by Beck of Priormade, who makes stylish eco conscious products from low impact, reclaimed and recycled materials.

Prior Shop in Bristol

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7. Add a colourful concrete basin for style and simplicity

If you’re doing up a bathroom (and fancy splashing out, pardon the pun!) these cast concrete basins made in Nottingham by Kast are so, so beautiful. Handmade from real, authentic concrete using limestone from local suppliers, they’re simple, modern and colourful. 

Kast Concrete Basin

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