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Quick hair quiz: Do I have dry hair?

Quick hair quiz: Do I have dry hair?

Let’s face it, very few of us treat our hair in the best possible way. Because changing your hair from its natural state, whether styling it or colouring it, is a fun thing to do!

If any of the scenarios below apply to you, the chances are your hair is dry. (If none of these apply, you probably have hair that's not at all dry. So you don’t really need to use a conditioner at all, you hardly ever get split ends and it's very easy to get a brush through your hair).

So, just how dry is it? And which of our conditioners would be best for moisturising it? Take our quick hair quiz to find out.

Choose all of the points below that apply to you and your hair:

1. Your hair gets knotty when it’s washed

2. Your hair is blowdried more than once a week

3. Your hair is quite fine with a naturally wavy texture

4. You regularly style your hair with curling tongs or straighteners

5. Your hair has a naturally curly texture

6. You colour your hair (or have your hair coloured) with a permanent all-over colour or tint

7. You have highlights put into your hair

8. Your hair is bleached

9. You regularly go swimming in a chlorinated pool

10. You have a perm 

Next, add up all of the numbers up to gauge just how dry your hair is.

For example, regular blowdrying + wavy hair + highlights = 2 + 3 + 7 = total of 12.

The results: which conditioner is best for you.

As a rough guide, if you scored 3 points or less in total, your hair is not every dry. We'd recommend using our Light Conditioner as it is a good detangler and it will give you a gentle level of conditioning that won't weigh your hair down.

If you scored 4-7 points in total, your hair will love our Cream Conditioner. Our cream conditioner is the mid-weight one and is great for adding a bit of shine and calming any frizziness. 

For 8 points or more scored, your hair will be a lot happier with our Treatment Conditioner. It is super nourishing and smoothes any dryness and hair damage caused by styling and colouring.

Tip: how to moisturise dry hair on a non-wash day

Hydrating your hair with water is a quick way to get some moisture into your hair on non-wash days. Add moisture and then seal it in afterwards:

1 Dampen the mid-lengths to ends of your hair with water or organic flower water (hydrosol).

2 Leave to soak in to the hair, for 10-20 minutes if you have time.

3 Run a few drops of hair oil over the top of the dampened hair.

Hair oils will seal some of the moisture particles into the hair and prevent them from escaping throughout the day.

Don’t forget regular trims are important too! As a rule of thumb, shorter haircuts will maintain their shape if trimmed after 6-8 weeks and for longer hair, trims after around 3-4 months will keep any dry, split ends at bay.

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