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Sustainable Stories: indie skincare brand Wild Rising who challenge outdated beauty standards

Sustainable Stories: indie skincare brand Wild Rising who challenge outdated beauty standards

Wild Rising Skincare is an extension of founder Danielle’s self. It’s an indie skincare brand based in Devon that aims to empower women by disrupting old beauty standards and normalising women’s so-called “body issues”. I’m all for female empowerment, so when I heard about an indie skincare brand with these values as well good sustainable practices, I was keen to find out some more.

The “wild” part of Wild Rising comes from the products natural roots. Danielle is a big believer in the incredible healing power of plants for beauty and self care rituals, too. I love that Wild Rising Skincare only uses clean, organic ingredients that come from the earth and are full of antioxidants.

I also love that a lot of the products are refillable, to save plastic waste. Customers can choose the lid type on Wild Rising’s oils — either a pipette or aluminium lid if they have a pipette to re-use. We do this too at Hairy Jayne with our hair perfumes and hair oils that come in glass bottles and need pumps or sprays, which are made from plastic. Refillable beauty is definitely the way forward in reducing plastic waste. 

image of a bottle of oil by Wild Rising called Bloom in front of an orchid flower

1. Why do you think being eco friendly is important in your small business?

We must all do better to ensure we look after our planet. As a business I feel that I have even more responsibility in making sure my packaging is recyclable, reusable and/or refillable. After all, who are we without our home?

2. What do you do behind-the-scenes to be more eco friendly?

With every product release I make sure I source glass jars or bottle. I make every effort to reuse the packaging I received from stock supplies, reusing the boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and paper. I also make a habit of reaching out to other businesses who would normally dispose of their packaging by way of landfill and ask if we can have their packaging.

image of Danielle founder of Wild Rising Skincare

3. Which is your best-selling sustainable product, and which is your personal favourite?

From our whole bath and body range, our Awaken bath salts are by far the favourite. You can either buy them in smaller recyclable pouches or larger recyclable and reusable tubs. We now have a local ‘zero waste’ shop who sells our bath salts refills, too. Basically you can take your tub to their store and refill it. We’re now making changes to improve on our refillable options for every product.

4. What’s the next step for making Wild Rising Skincare even more eco friendly?

At present there are refillable options available on around half of the skincare and bath products. By summer 2023 I want to have a refill option for 100% of the range.

image of 5 skincare products by Wild Rising Skincare with some props 

I loved discovering this female-founded indie skincare brand with natural ingredients at its heart and a message of female empowerment. It’s great to see real women, cellulite and all, in their Instagram feed and great to see refills and sustainable packaging being used for these lovely handmade products. 

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