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How to turn a conditioner bar into a liquid

How to turn a conditioner bar into a liquid

At Hairy Jayne, we love hearing the unique and wonderful ways our customers use our products. So we were delighted when we received an email saying:

"I buy your conditioner bars from a local zero waste store. Somebody mentioned putting them in boiling water to make a liquid conditioner again, do you have any advice regarding this?"

We rushed to try out this method ourselves and it is a game changer!

Many of us are used to the look and feel of traditional liquid conditioner, and it can be hard to make the transition towards using conditioner bars.

If you’re struggling with solid conditioner, or just generally prefer conditioner in a liquid form, then this article is for you.

Below I’ll talk you through how to turn a conditioner bar into a liquid, when is the right time to liquify your bar, and the advantages of conditioner bars over traditional liquid conditioners.

Turn a conditioner bar into liquid - 4 easy steps

It’s simple to turn your conditioner bar into a liquid. Simply chop your conditioner bar into quarters, add a 1:1 ratio of water to conditioner bar quarter (i.e. if your conditioner bar quarter weighs 30g, add 30 ml of boiling water), let the mixture cool and there you have it!

Below is a more detailed step by step guide on turning your conditioner bar into liquid:

  1. Chop the bar into quarters with a clean knife - it's best to do this in four pieces as the conditioner bars contain no preservatives, so once water is added to make the liquid, the conditioner will only stay fresh for a few weeks.

  2. Place the cube in a small glass or container. Add roughly the same amount of boiling water as the size of the piece. Use a clean spoon or stirrer to swill it around and help it to dissolve.

  3. Let the mixture cool for a few minutes and it will thicken up slightly.

  4. Gradually add more cool water to the mixture and stir well until it is the consistency you want.

Alternatively, if you're unsure how to use your bar in solid form, you can always find out how to use a conditioner bar. 

When is the right time to turn a conditioner bar into liquid?

You can easily turn your conditioner bar into a liquid at any point, even before you’ve used the bar if you don’t want a solid conditioner.

Of course, the less you’ve used your conditioner bar, the more liquid conditioner you’ll get.

A popular time to turn a conditioner bar into a liquid is when it becomes too small to use or breaks into small pieces.

If you’re a frequent shampoo bar or conditioner bar user, you’ll know that near the end of a bar's life, sometimes it can break into small pieces that are difficult to use.

Instead of throwing these out, use the method above to turn the pieces into a liquid conditioner.

No waste and you get more bang for your buck!

conditioner bar

Are conditioner bars better than traditional liquid conditioners?

Compared to their liquid counterparts, conditioner bars generally have more natural ingredients, meaning they will gently cleanse your hair without stripping your scalp of its natural oils.

As an added bonus, our conditioner bars are stored in sustainable packaging, unlike many liquid conditioners that come in plastic containers. This helps keep your hair shiny and healthy, without sacrificing the planet.

However, if you prefer liquid conditioner to conditioner bars, there are still eco friendly alternatives available. Alongside following the steps above, you can also opt for liquid conditioner refills.

Conditioner refills avoid the need for single use plastic containers. You can fill up your liquid conditioner again and again, while doing your bit for the environment. Conditioner refills are generally more cost effective too.


There we have it, the step by step guide on how to turn your conditioner bar into liquid.

Do you prefer liquid or solid conditioner? Let us know on our Instagram.