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Floral inspired vegan and sustainable beauty routine edit for Spring 2022

Floral inspired vegan and sustainable beauty routine edit for Spring 2022

At last the temperature is creeping up and Spring is in the air. The wintery start to the year can feel long and tedious but the beginning of March puts a spring back in our step as the blooms start to appear and we come out of hibernation.

pink flowers against a blue sky

The floral clothes come out in honour of Spring and the emerging natural world, so why not align your sustainable beauty routine with a floral inspired theme. Bouquet scented beauty products and hair care that are vegan and cruelty free, of course. 

Our favourite eco friendly beauty picks that are floral inspired for Spring 2022: 

Floral hair perfume with heat protection by Hairy Jayne 

The ultimate Spring-themed hair care product has to be our Floral Hair Perfume. Our Floral fragrance features Geranium, Bergamot and Vanilla and a spritz in your hair will certainly put a spring in your step. Geranium is a very uplifting essential oil, quite close to Rose, so the scent is reminiscent of Turkish Delight.

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hair perfume with flower for spring

Bloom body oil by Nathalie Bond

Rose Geranium and Patchouli are our two favourites of all the essential oils. The body oil can be used from head to toe, and also as a luxurious bath oil. It features moisturising plant oils jojoba and avocado as well as floral safflower and calendula oils. Nathalie Bond make their gorgeous vegan beauty products from their workshop in Wales.

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Lavender blossom soap by The Printed Peanut

This handmade vegan soap features both lavender essential oil and lavender blossoms, as well as a beautifully box by The Printed Peanut, whose illustrations we love. Lavender is known as a relaxing essential oil and has a soothing scent. This vegan soap is sulphate free, paraben free and palm oil free, too.

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Flower shaped natural loofah

This cute flower shaped natural loofah will add a touch of Spring (and fun) to any zero waste bathroom. Loofah is a plant-based, natural exfoliator that softens when wet and is completely biodegradable. A lovely alternative to a traditional shower puff that's typically made from plastic.

flower loofah with peppermint soap and reusable razor on pink

Solid moisturising bar by Authentic House

They might look a little bit like chocolate, but these vegan zero waste solid bars are designed to melt as you glide them over your skin. There are a few essential oils blends to choose from, and for Spring 2022 we think the Rose and Bergamot blend is a perfect addition to a sustainable beauty routine. 

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Rose complex butterbalm by Savon Stories 

There's a calming floral bouquet of Rose, Geranium and Palmarosa essential oils in this sustainably packaged lip balm. The potent mix of 100% organic butters, oils and plant wax will give your lips a protective layer of long lasting hydration during this Spring and beyond.

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Flower power! As well as lots of floral inspired beauty products with essential oils for Spring 2022, we have many more items for a zero waste bathroom and sustainable beauty routine in our Hairy Jayne shop. All of which are eco friendly, plant based, vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

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