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mural of street art on a wall in south bristol, depicting a scowling greta thunberg emerging from the sea

7 brilliant Bristol indie makers factoring sustainability into their work

Bristol is bursting with great independent shops, businesses and makers. It’s a really creative city, covered in street art and with a strong music scene. Bristol also stands out as a city known for championing sustainability with its low carbon footprint and population of people who really seem to care.

All the reasons for Hairy Jayne to relocate here almost 2 years ago. Since setting up our maker space and adjoining plastic free shop (called Bloop), we’ve met lots of really talented makers who have created their own independent businesses.

The indie makers listed below are bearing sustainability and the impact on our environment in mind when they create their work. Either by sourcing natural and eco friendly ingredients and materials, going plastic free in their packaging or reusing waste materials in the most of beautiful ways.


Washed and Found

Viki collects colourful plastic waste from Cornish and North Devon beaches and creates gorgeous chunky bangles and necklaces by casting them in transparent resin. Not only are they very visually pleasing, her intention is to encourage people to have conversations about the problem of plastic waste in the ocean.

Her jewellery isn't plastic free, but it was created to change the way the plastic is seen and to encourage others to collect plastic from the beaches and be part of the change.


Dakota Rae Dust

Bec’s joyful jewellery and statement earrings will definitely brighten your day. She uses pre-loved vintage fabrics to inspire and make her bold pieces. She says the discarded fabrics “often become the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the creation, giving them a new life and purpose”.

She then layers the vintage fabrics and offcuts with fluorescent and glittery vinyl cut patterns and shapes to create unique textures. Every one is handmade, so each layer is carefully hand cut before they are assembled and sewn together.


Hook And I Crafts

Zoe creates crochet homewares and gifts and has a zero waste blog. Being eco friendly is important to her personally and in her business. She uses natural materials that are either biodegradable or recyclable to crochet the reusable dish cloths, face pads, soap savers and gifts that she sells on Etsy.



Rosa Pietsch

Rosa designs jewellery and is inspired by an eclectic range of sources from vintage design to contemporary geometric shapes. She uses laser-cutting technology and hand finishes each intricate piece by hand. She has found a really beautiful way to reuse and recycle the offcuts from the laser cutting process, which creates whole new mottled sheets to work with.


Kay Morgan

Kay started out by making leather purses and handbags from vintage fabrics. Her business then evolved into a jewellery range made from repurposed remnant leather. She now buys waste reclaimed leather to make her minimal, geometric graphic jewellery. Made from leather using vintage leather punches, it’s tactile, lightweight and easy to wear.

She also has a clever Lost Earring Club with collections of ‘odd’ earrings curated to compliment each other, so no earrings go to waste!


Duvet Days Clothing

Emma up-cycles discarded childhood bedsheets into fun, colourful and comfortable clothing. Inspired by nostalgia, festivals and environmentally conscious fashion, Duvet Days let the bright, bold prints do all the talking.

Every scrap of the repurposed fabrics is used, with the offcuts from the adults clothing being made into kids clothes and scrunchies.


Moloney Makes

Sophie started her knitting business because she's passionate about the power of knitting for mental wellbeing. She wants her business, Moloney Makes, to encourage people to carve out some time for mindful crafting, and her kits include vegan wool and bamboo needles.

The 'wool' is made from non-animal fibres in a range of lovely colours. The kits, which come in recyclable packaging, include reusable zero waste face cloths and scrubbies that can be machine washed.


Of course there are tonnes more Bristol indie makers doing great sustainable tand being generally environmentally conscious. These are some of our current faves!