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5 benefits of using a shampoo bar

5 benefits of using a shampoo bar

In a time where being sustainable is more important than ever, the shampoo bar has become an increasingly popular hair care product.

These compact, solid bars are changing the landscape of hair care routines, and for all the right reasons.

Gone are the days of bulky plastic bottles cluttering shower shelves and increasing our carbon footprint.

Shampoo bars offer a sustainable solution, along with being more natural, long lasting and great for travellers or festival goers.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably curious about the benefits of a shampoo bar and how they really make a difference.

In this article we’ll talk you through the top 5 benefits of a shampoo bar and all you need to know before buying the newest member of your hair care routine.

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They're plastic free 

One huge benefit of shampoo bars is that they’re totally plastic free.

Traditional liquid shampoos often rely on single use plastic packaging. This contributes to pollution and waste, creating more plastic that will eventually end up in our oceans.

Shampoo bars, however, sidestep this issue entirely by offering a compact, solid form that requires minimal to no packaging.

This reduces plastic waste, lessens the strain on landfills and oceans, and will help keep our planet green and healthy.

This makes shampoo bars a fantastic choice for sustainability minded individuals.

They're long lasting

One of the most impressive benefits of a shampoo bar is their remarkable longevity.

Shampoo bars are the marathon runners of the hair care world. Thanks to their concentrated formula, a single shampoo bar can last twice as long as a traditional liquid shampoo!

This means you can enjoy a single bar for longer than ever before, making them an excellent choice for both your hair and your wallet.

To keep your shampoo bar fresh for as long as possible, it’s important to consider how to store your shampoo bar.

We recommend a shampoo bar holder that raises your bar off wet surfaces - for this we love Hairy Jayne’s shampoo bar holder.

They're more natural

Shampoo bars offer a natural approach to hair care. Most shampoo bars are free of synthetic chemicals and have a much shorter list of ingredients than their liquid counterparts.

This means you can wash your hair without exposing it to unnecessary harsh chemicals. Giving your locks a chance to flourish in a gentler, more nature-friendly way.

Hairy Jayne’s shampoo bars are completely natural, plastic and sulphate free - and we never test on animals.

When you use a shampoo bar, you are nourishing and protecting your scalp, which helps promote healthy hair growth and brings out the hair's natural shine.

They're great for travelling 

Shampoo bars are the perfect choice for the avid festival goer, those who love to travel or even for taking to the gym.

You’ll not need to worry about any leaks or mess with these solid bars. Simply place your shampoo bar in a travel tin, and you’re ready to go.

This is particularly handy if you’re going on holiday with hand luggage and can’t take liquids over 100ml.

You can also take a number of shampoo or conditioner bars on longer holidays or camping trips, and they won’t take up a huge amount of room in your bag. A win win!

They save space

Shifting to a shampoo bar isn't just great for your hair but for your bathroom space too.

Say goodbye to those bulky plastic shampoo bottles that hog your shower shelf. A compact and convenient shampoo bar can easily replace multiple bottles, helping clear space and reduce clutter in your bathroom.

Plus, its solid form means no more spills or leaks, keeping your shower area clean and mess free.

Not only do you cut down on plastic waste when switching to solid shampoo, but you also open up a world of space-saving wonders.

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Suitable for all hair types with a choice of fragrance. Award winning shampoo bars formulated and made by a hairdresser with shampoo ingredients, not soap. Hairy Jayne sulphate free solid shampoo bars are pH balanced for healthy hair and scalp (so no need for an apple cider vinegar rinse afterwards).

5 benefits of using a shampoo bar

There are endless benefits to using a shampoo bar, and we hope this article has helped highlight 5 of the most common advantages!

If you have any more questions about the benefits of our shampoo bars, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For more information around shampoo bars and answers to some of the most common questions, check out our ultimate guide to shampoo bars.

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