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planet friendly hair care made by a hairdresser... just for you ♥

Hairy Jayne cares all about your hair, as well as the planet. She was once a hairdresser, and now makes plastic free shampoo bars and refillable hair products in Bristol. They're vegan, cruelty free and jam-packed with nature's finest ingredients and fragrances so that they're easily biodegradable and sustainable.

our customers are saying good things

Thank you for making such fab shampoo! Living in a hard water area, I was about to give up on bar shampoo – it left my hair so dull and incredibly waxy. Your product has turned it around and my locks are soft and shiny once again!

My hair used to be quite curly, then it started to lose the curl. Almost immediately after using your shampoo bar, it looks and feels so much better, and the curl is coming back. And it stays looking fuller for so much longer. I'm never buying another type of shampoo again!

My hairdresser noticed I'd switchedshampooandconditioner- she was super impressed with my locks!

I have fuzzy ends/ greasy scalp/ bleached / over dyed hair that I am trying to grow out and honest to goodness the change in my hair from the first wash and condition is amazing. Your products are absolutely brilliant. My hair actually looks healthy for once and my itchy scalp from hair dye has settled as well. I am a 100% Hairy Jayne convert.

I'm no scientist so I think this conditioner is some kind of magic. I have ultra fine hair but I have body even without styling after using the Light conditioner. And it smells a.mazing.

You have literally saved my quest to convert to solid shampoo bars which had all gone a bit pear shaped as I just couldn’t get on with the others I tried due to the waxy feeling they left behind! Really nice product!

we ♥ seeing our products out in the big wide world

Show us your lovely luscious locks or best plastic free bathroom shelfies! And help others find their perfect hair care routine when you do. Tag us on Instagram with @hairyjayne, send a DM to let us know and we'll give you a 20% off code as a thank you for sharing.