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Travel Tin | for shampoo bars + conditioner bars

Hairy Jayne
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Our reusable aluminium travel tin protects your shampoo bar when you're out and about, whether on holiday or at the gym. Holds one solid bar, or two halves. Comes with 'shampoo' and 'conditioner' stickers inside so you can label the tin if you need to.

Use with our Shampoo bars and Conditioner bars. Can also be used with our liquid shampoos and refillable conditioners, too (although it won't hold an entire shampoo refill pouch).

Top tip:¬†cut your bars in half if you want to carry both in one tin ‚Äď leave half of each at home to use later.

After using your bar, shake off any excess water and ideally wait for your bar to dry before placing in the tin. The aluminium tin will protect your bar when you're out and about (on holiday, at the gym etc). 

Each tin holds one full size bar, or 100ml of liquid refillable shampoo or conditioner.  

8.5cm diameter, 100ml capacity.