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Our 5 favourite vegan eateries in Bristol

Our 5 favourite vegan eateries in Bristol


Whether you’re fully vegan or just trying out a plant based diet, you definitely won’t go hungry in Bristol. Apparently Bristol has one of the highest concentrations of vegans in the UK, so there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to keep Bristol vegans fed and happy. Here are some of the places where we like to eat plant based food.

1. Eat Your Greens.

Just up the road from Hairy Jayne HQ between Totterdown and Knowle in South Bristol, Eat Your Greens is super comfy and super friendly. Babs the chef owner cooks a banging vegan Sunday roast with side of gooey cauliflower cheese. The Carrot Lox is a firm favourite of ours too. We feel really lucky to have them on our doorstep.


2. Kask 

Technically Kask is a wine bar in North Street (South Bristol) but they also do some food. They only serve wine that is eco, organic and sustainable with minimal intervention. All of the wines are vegan and there are plenty of vegan nibbles, including a ‘chease’ plate. They have a deli and shop, too.

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3. Oowee Vegan

For vegan junk food, this place is amazing. Located on Baldwin St near St Nicholas market, it’s right in central Bristol and definitely worth a pit stop. Expect fried food, generous portions, dishes such as ‘garlic butter fries’ and shakes that are Lotus biscuit flavoured. Cruelty free, guilt free, definitely not calorie free.


4. Tapestry Brewery

Another very local business, Tapestry have a tap room just a short walk from us in the Totterdown Bridge Industrial Estate. They say “all of our beers are unfiltered and unrefined, which gives a natural hazy look and means they are vegan friendly”. Their beer is tasty (it's probably caused some natural hazy looks) and they serve pizzas with a vegan option from their wood fired oven.


5. Tuk Tuck

Tuk Tuck has a good vegan selection of their delicious Korean street food – gyozas, bibimbap, kimchi fires and more. They’re in a really cool area of Bristol, Stokes Croft, which is the other side of Bristol to us so we usually get it delivered. Their takeaway bowls sadly aren’t plastic free, but we do end up reusing them (they come in handy for camping)