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How to have a planet-friendly pampering day

How to have a planet-friendly pampering day

Deep into lockdown in January, it’s easy to feel sluggish and it's nice to have things to look forward to. A planned pampering day is a good way to lift the spirits and feel good. Just because we can't go out, doesn't mean we have to go without a mini spa day.

With Galentine's (or Palentine's) Day just around the corner, this blogpost may inspire some ideas for a distanced pampering day for you and your bestie, too. We've just released the new Pampering Gift Set which is perfect to send directly to someone dear to you!

Being pampered is lovely, of course, and it's even better if it’s done in a sustainable and planet-friendly way. Self care rituals can still be zero waste, vegan and eco friendly while bringing you some much needed luxury, comfort and joy.

Since staying in is the new going out – think long baths, deep treatments and slow fashion. We have some suggestions of how to feel good right now, both inside and out. It’s just as important to keep your mood healthy as it is your body.



What to wear

Humphries and Begg make beautiful loungewear, especially their kimono style robes that are perfect for a pamper day. They use organic or recycled cotton to make all of their brightly patterned clothes. 

Humphries and Begg are based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and have at team in India who hand weave the fabrics from post-industrial and post-consumer waste cotton

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Set the mood

Recreate a spa experience with some relaxing scents. Bristol based Aery Living make some gorgeously fragrant aromatherapy candles and diffusers, and with every order they plant 5 trees.
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Or if you’re more of an incense lover, Lost in Scent have 100% natural incense sticks are created with essential oils, using herbal and floral extracts. We particularly love The Woods scent.

Lost In Scent incense
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Give yourself a mini facial

Using cold cucumber and old teabags is a great zero waste ways to reduce puffiness the eye area. And a Seatox face mask, used with a konjac sponge will make your skin velvety soft.

The Wild Ocean Glow mask by Seatox is made with mineral-rich, seasonally hand harvested seaweed, inspired by Irish traditions. Seatox are an ethical company that support marine conservation projects.

Wild Ocean Glow face mask 


Konjac sponges are gently exfoliating cleansing sponges that are from the konjac root, making them vegan friendly. Once wet, they are soft and squidgy enough to use around the eye area, while also giving a deep cleanse, and are also packed with minerals. They are reusable and completely biodegradable when they eventually need replacing.

Konjac sponge
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Apply a hair treatment

Pampering day is the perfect time to use your Hairy Jayne treatments. If you’ve been getting a dry scalp recently, apply our Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil and let a pipette-ful of it soak into your scalp and hair for at least half an hour.

Or apply a generous amount of our Treatment Conditioner to dry or damp hair and comb it right through with our Bamboo Detangling Comb. Leave it on for at least half an hour to work its magic. For both treatments, shampoo and condition as you usually would afterwards.

Hairy Jayne Pre-shampoo Treatment Oil
Hairy Jayne Treatment Conditioner
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Wrap your wet hair in a bamboo hair wrap. Using one of these will not only dry your hair quicker but it will ultimately give you smoother, less frizzy hair. Compared to a regular towel, hair wraps are more absorbent and cause less friction to the strands (which are more delicate when wet).

The faster drying also saves you from using a hairdryer which saves energy and causes less hair damage. Hair wrap towels are usually made from microfibre which is a type of plastic based thread, so opt for one made from bamboo instead, as bamboo is a highly renewable resource.


Have a soak in the bath 

If you have a bath, a good soak is very therapeutic, especially if you add in aromatherapy oils and bath salts. Magic Organic Apothecary’s bath salts smell amazing. 

Dreamy Mineral Soak
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You can easily make a body scrub with ingredients from your kitchen mixed with old coffee grounds to will exfoliate your skin and boost it’s circulation.


And, relax

Once you’ve done your pampering and just want to relax, ‘join the comfort movement’ with Lucy & Yak. Their ethically produced clothes are all designed with comfort in mind, but are far from boring. We love their dungarees, and they have a Zero Waste Living section, too.
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Take care of yourself, you deserve it!