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9 hair care gifts by hair type

9 hair care gifts by hair type

You want to buy a lovely Hairy Jayne present for your best friend, colleague, kid's teacher or whoever you're thinking of but you're not exactly sure which products would be best for their hair. The first thing to do is to determine their hair type, and then refer to our gift giving guide below.

Firstly, what's their hair type?

Hair types refer to the natural texture and not the style or length of the hair. No two heads of hair are the same as we're all unique not it's hard to define all hair types exactly, but they're usually narrowed down into broad categories. For the sake of this guide we've gone for 3 categories – straight, wavy/curly/coily and coarse. 

For the straight category we're talking about people with that naturally swingy hair that's usually on the fine side. The middle category refers to anyone who has a texture to their hair (not straight) and it's can be either fine or medium in thickness.

For coarse hair we're talking about the sort of hair that looks thick, there's a lot of it and has either naturally wavy, curly or coily strands.

Best gifts for people with straight hair 

Naturally straight hair has no (or very few) kinks in it, which means it's generally shinier and prone to being oilier than the other two types. This is because the oil from the scalp can easily travel down the lengths of the strands to keep the whole length of the hair moisturised and healthy. Straight hair usually has finer strands and doesn't need a heavy conditioner.

The Clean Greenie hair care set 
With a dry shampoo and shampoo bar. The shampoo bar will most probably be nourishing enough for this hair type without the need for conditioner.

The Mighty Fine bundle
If you think they'd prefer a more traditional liquid shampoo and conditioner then this bundle will suit them best.

Best gifts for wavy, curly or coily textures

Wavy hair has multiple bends in flat S-shapes from roots to tips. Curly hair strands are shaped like a spring and grow in a round pattern. Coily strands have a mix of tightly coiled patterns from ranging from spring-like to a zigzag pattern.

Because of the numerous kinks and angles in these textured hair types, the natural scalp oils can’t travel as easily down the hair strands to protect them, making it prone to dryness.

Hair Perfume with Heat Protection
If they like to play with their hair type and use straighteners or hair tongs then this is a great gift to help them look after their hair. Our Floral hair perfume is the most popular if you're not sure which they'll like best.

Crowning Glory bundle
These three products will add enough much-needed moisture to keep this hair type happy. A refillable shampoo, a refillable conditioner and a deep conditioning hair mask.

All The Bars gift set
Our popular zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars work best together with this hair type. They are sulfate free and both have mango butter in so they really enhance the natural hair texture.

Mega Gift Set
This set is a tool kit for all hair care scenarios and includes the perfect liquid shampoo and conditioner for this hair type. 

Best gifts for people with coarse hair

Generally speaking (and this doesn't apply to everyone in this hair type of course) but from my experience as a hairdresser people with coarse hair don't want their hair to be any 'bigger' and usually benefit from the most heavy weight moisturising products to keep it healthy. Coarse hair refers to the thickness of the individual strands, so it is visually thick and voluminous (and sometimes just referred to as thick hair). 

Thirsty Hair Care set
A sulfate free shampoo bar and a treatment conditioner in a tin. The treatment conditioner is super rich and nourishing which is just what this hair type needs to keep it feeling soft.

Lovely Long Hair gift set
Whether their hair is a shoulder length or super long, this hair type will benefit from the moisturising treatment conditioner. The hair perfume offers a welcome break from daily hair washing as it freshens hair up between washes and has an ingredient that calms frizz too.

Jumbo Trio Gift – Nourishing Shampoo + Treatment Conditioner option
The most moisturising combination of the liquid shampoo and conditioners, in a bigger jumbo size. With a jumbo hair perfume to keep hair fresh between washes (a godsend for coarse haired people).

Hope that helps you find the perfect Hairy Jayne gift for that special someone.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask us and we'll do our best to advise.

If you'd like to post a gift directly to your special person, to get it to them in time for Christmas please order by Monday 21st December.