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Curly girls love our shampoo bars!

Curly girls love our shampoo bars!

What our curly haired customers say about our solid shampoo:


"My sister bought me your shampoo and conditioner bars as a gift, and I just wanted to say how amazing they are! My hair used to be quite curly in my teens and early twenties, then it started to lose the curl, and by the time I had my son it had basically gone to pot! Pretty much no curl, looked terrible if it got longer than my chin, and I couldn't find any products that really helped and didn't weigh it down (it's naturally quite fine). Almost immediately after using your shampoo bar (and sometimes the conditioner but I don't always remember), it looks and feels so much better, and the curl is coming back. And it stays looking fuller for so much longer. I'm actually pregnant right now and really, really hoping it'll stay this lovely and easy to manage once I've given birth!

So thank you very much for making such wonderful (and environmentally friendly!) natural products - I'm never buying another type of shampoo again!"


"It lathered sooo amazingly well when i put the bar down and scrubbed with my fingers! I usually shampoo twice, but only did once as it was so effective first time in removing my week plus grease build up. Felt luscious on washing out.

The conditioner didn't seem to 'do' anything when putting it on. 

OMG!!!! As soon as i immersed my head in the bath water it. was. incredible!!! I knew instantly that it was a wonderful conditioner - I could feel it coating my hair (which is knotty/curly/dry at ends). I love it!

I decided not to use any styling products and see whether the conditioner alone would be enough and it did not disappoint! My hair has dried super soft in ringlets - really tight curls! My hair was substantially shorter where they are so springy! The hair has retained lots of moisture and looks fantastic! On the school run this morning people asked me whether i had had it styled. It looks great and I love that I didn't have to add additional product to stop it being frizzy. i love it!!!"


"The shampoo bar is brilliant and my curls looked great even on the 2nd day, which doesn’t always happen."

We love feedback

Getting feedback like this is not only lovely, heart-warming stuff, it's also really helpful. Hearing how different hair types react lets us know what's happening when you use our products. Since we can't be there to see for ourselves when you're actually washing your hair – that's just creepy :)

And curly girls know just how important it is to get recommendations before committing to new hair care products. 

So thank you for your insights! Please feel free to send them any time.