"I just wanted to say that I love your products and they make, not only my hair, but my skin, feel great!"

Melanie Bentinck

"This is such a lovely scent, and to know that it is protecting my hair at the same time as making it smell like the waft of an English garden breeze....and not having to wash my hair so often, it is a Godsend for me, having long hair which takes ages to wash & dry."

Julie – Floral hair perfume

"Smells divine. I love the cute bottle and the way this product multi-tasks. Mostly I just love the gorgeous scent."

Ruth – Citrus hair perfume

"Lovely alternative to dry shampoo. Love it, helps freshen my hair and better than the talcy feeling"

Lucy – Citrus hair perfume

"This shampoo has become my ultimate weapon against frizz it’s definitely worth a try!"

Daisy Ward – Nourishing shampoo

"I’ve been really pleased with how clean my hair feels, and how it’s not been weighed down by her products. In love with the 'Floral' smell."

Kate Faccia – Deep cleansing shampoo + light conditioner

"I have just used for the first time my Hairy Jayne shampoo – Amazing. Hair feels soft but not flat. Can't wait to wash my hair again…


Stasha Hart – Nourishing shampoo + cream conditioner

"I'm no scientist so I think this conditioner is some kind of magic. I have ultra fine hair but I have body even without styling after using the Light conditioner. And it smells a.mazing."

Zoe McLeod – Light conditioner

"These hair perfumes are gorgeous… they do what they are supposed to and smell divine… am back for more. Thank you Jayne"

Amanda Wadsworth – Hair perfume

"The ends of my hair are very delicate because of frequent blow drying so I need to use conditioners that nourish. The Cream conditioner performs very well in this respect."

Shubana Baarsch – Cream conditioner

"My hair felt soft after the first wash – but it didn’t feel greasy and I don’t have to wash my hair more often. Highly recommended."

Fiona McKellar – Deep cleansing shampoo

"It’s light and smells beautiful, it leaves my hair soft and subtle and people comment all the time that my hair shines and smells lovely."

Joanna Dobbs – Citrus hair perfume

"My hair smells lovely but I have also noticed my hair is much smoother and less frizzy than normal. Very happy, will certainly be ordering more."

Karen Richer