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Frizz Tamer bundle | hair care for frizzy hair

Hairy Jayne
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Fight the frizz and hydrate your hair – naturally and sustainably. Our Frizz Tamer hair care bundle includes a Hair Perfume with heat protectionNatural Beauty oil and a Quick-dry hair towel. All the tools needed to keep hair gently tamed and maintained.

Most effective after using our Treatment conditioner as a leave in treatment.
The Natural Beauty oil can be used to keep your skin hydrated, too. 

For dry hair that's feeling frizzy, fluffy and fly-away, wrap your hair in the hair towel after washing and leave to dry until it's slightly damp to touch. Apply a few drops of our Natural Beauty oil to your palms and smooth through the mid-lengths and ends. This seals moisture into the hair strands while it continues to dry. Once dry, calm any frizzy hairs by spritzing with the Hair Perfume as needed.

50ml Hair Perfume + 50ml Natural Beauty oil + Hair towel.