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Lovely Long Hair set | care routine for growing hair

Hairy Jayne
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Good stuff for lovely long hair – Hair Perfume with heat protection and Treatment conditioner in a tinPerfect for keeping growing hair healthy.

Longer hair benefits from not being washed daily, which is where hair perfume comes in. The treatment conditioner is for when it does need a wash, to add a strengthening moisture and protein boost.

Hair Perfume with Heat Protection freshens hair up between shampoos and calms frizz. The spray also protects freshly washed hair from the damage caused by heated styling by creating a barrier between the heat and the hair.

Our Treatment Conditioner in a tin is very rich and full of nourishing and moisturising ingredients and was  awarded Silver in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2021. Longer hair is older hair, which is susceptible to more dryness and damage.

50ml Hair Perfume + 100ml Treatment Conditioner with or without Gift Box