3 shampoo bars in different fragrances, 3 conditioner bars in different fragrances, cork resting mats labelled shampoo and conditioner and an aluminium travel tin with logo
all the bars bundle

all the bars bundle

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A bundle for the solid bar fans. Featuring our zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars in all three fragrances.

The full bundle has a total of six bars, a travel tin and two resting mats. The works.

Or choose the more minimal 'just the bars' option to top up your solid bar supplies without the added extras. 'Shampoo + conditioner' is 3 shampoo and 3 conditioner bars. Or if you don't use conditioner bars, choose  'just shampoo' and get 6 shampoo bars instead.

All Hairy Jayne solid shampoo and conditioner bars are natural, plastic free and free from palm oil. Registered with the Vegan Society so 100% cruelty free. In three beautiful fragrances made with essential oil blends – Floral, Citrus and Musk. 

Our soap free shampoo bars are pH balanced, so there's no need for an apple cider vinegar rinse after using them.


We're reducing carbon with Ecologi
A tree is planted for every bundle sold. 


Handmade with botanical ingredients in plastic free, sustainable packaging. The Resting Mats are made from cork which is sustainable and biodegradable and the Travel Tin is aluminium which is reusable and infinitely recyclable, which means it a totally zero waste hair care bundle. 

Gift wrap option available.

INCLUDED: 1 x Floral, 1 x Citrus, 1 x Musk Shampoo Bar (naked) + 1 x Floral, 1 x Citrus, 1 x Musk Conditioner Bar (naked). OPTIONAL: 1 x Travel Tin, 1 x Shampoo Resting Mat, 1 x Conditioner Resting Mat.

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