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Indie gift guide 2022: 7 unusual gifts for nature loving, eco friendly people

Indie gift guide 2022: 7 unusual gifts for nature loving, eco friendly people

Sustainable or zero waste Christmas gifts don’t have to be boring. There are plenty of unusual gifts from independent businesses that will tick all of the sustainable, natural and eco friendly Christmas gift boxes. The gift ideas in our Indie Gift Guide 2022 all make lovely and unusual gifts for plant lovers, the already-eco-friendly and the aspiring zero waste lifestyle people in your life.

Our Indie Gift Guide 2022 (read: Christmas wishlist) has been put together with good intentions and conscious spending in mind. By supporting small local businesses, finding gifts with minimal zero waste packaging and celebrating all that comes from nature. Whether that be actual plants, gifts with essential oils or in-person experiences that are perfect for the nature loving eco friendly people in your life.

Many of the independent businesses we’ve featured are based here in Bristol. Some are people we have met in person at events for independent makers. We love supporting small local businesses, and you’re always guaranteed to find something unusual when you shop for Christmas gifts with independent makers.

7 unusual and eco friendly, nature inspired Christmas gift ideas:

1. A natural Happiness Boost Pulse Point Roller Collection by Clarity Blend

Who wouldn’t love a boost of happiness for Christmas 2022? Especially if it smells like the great outdoors. This pulse point roller collection by Clarity Blend promises Sunset Bliss and Summer Meadows, as well as elevating creativity via the Heart Chakra. Clarity Blend are a couple capturing the powers of nature through aromatherapy. Their wearable gifts with essential oils are sustainably sourced and make an unusual gift to lift the mood and elevate the senses.

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2. A zero waste soap on a Rope from Civil Block

Soap on a rope is probably the ultimate zero waste Christmas gift in our eyes. Proper artisan made soap lasts a very long time, and when strung up with a rope and made with all natural ingredients like Civil Block soap, you’re onto a winner. Stylish, useful and deliciously fragranced gifts with essential oils (this one has Basil, Sage and Mint). Civil Block are two very lovely men (I met them recently at a couple of fairs) who are making small batch vegan soap in their dairy-turned-microsoapery. 

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3. A Terrarium Workshop (or Terrarium Kit) from Mila Plants 

Mila Plants in Cabot Circus, central Bristol, is now my go-to plant shop. What they don’t know about house plants probably isn’t worth knowing, and they give you a hand written note with instructions whenever you buy a plant. So their Terrarium Workshop would definitely be a fun, interesting and zero waste Christmas gift for any nature loving plant fanatic in your life. If your recipient isn’t in Bristol, they also sell Terrarium Kits online and in store.

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4. The Mini Gin & Vodka Collection from Espensen Spirit

Is your nature loving eco friendly person partial to the odd tipple? Espensen Spirit’s naturally infused spirits feature delicious fruits and are made here in Bristol by independent maker Sam. We’ve sampled many of her tasty booze infusions and festive cocktail kits and can highly recommend them!

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5. A nature inspired print from Bristol General Store 

Bristol General Store on North Street in Bedminster is one of those beautifully curated shops that smells and looks amazing in the most unusual way possible. A lifestyle shop selling cool homewares, sustainable accessories and lovely scents by independent makers. As well as lots of eco friendly gift ideas, there’s a wide selection of simple, graphic, nature inspired prints to choose from, both in store and online. 

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6. Anything from the kids section at BAM for nature inspired gifts 

We love that pretty much the entire Kids section of BAM Store + Space in Bristol is nature inspired (and barely any plastic in sight, if any!). If you know kids that are crafty and love animals and plants, there are certainly plenty of unusual gifts at BAM for them (as well as eco friendly gifts for adults). Fran has created an amazing brightly coloured shop and workshop space in Easton that supports local independent businesses and encourages creativity for all ages.

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7. Natural and Zero Waste Vegan Beauty Kit by Hairy Jayne 

Last but not least of eco friendly Christmas gifts is our new zero waste beauty kit. A simple, sustainable beauty routine in a box that’s all powered by plants. Features a vegan Konjac sponge for super soft skin exfoliation and our Natural Beauty oil made with plant oils to nourish hair and skin. Plus an intensive Hairy Jayne hair treatment and a plastic free Bamboo detangling comb to gently comb it through. Perfect for a nature loving eco friendly person that deserves a bit of pampering.

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And that’s a wrap (sorry!) for our Indie Gift Guide 2022 for conscious eco friendly Christmas gifts. Hope it’s given you plenty of inspiration when hunting for unusual gifts for all of the nature loving eco friendly people in your life.