Summertime Blues


Beware summer hair! Getting a load of strong, hot summer sun can be absolute bliss if you like that sort of thing. (I know I do.) You need to be careful though. We all know about skin damage due to the physical pain of sunburn so we take the time to slap on some sunscreen before going out. Sadly though, hair is often forgotten. (I’m guilty of that one, and I ought to know better.) Then it’s usually feeling quite worse-for-wear by the end of the summer.

The colour fade thing I don’t mind so much, it usually it fades to a nice, lighter version of my rest-of-the-year colour. If not I can always top it up with a semi permanent if I need to. Semi’s not only refresh the colour but also add some shine to dry summer hair as they leave a bit of a coating, if only temporarily. If you’re happy with the colour your summer hair has faded to and just want some shine, ask your hairdresser for a clear gloss semi-permanent. You’ll get shine without colour.

Replacing the moisture in sun damaged hair is key. A bit like after-sun, moisturising treatments will do that. Or if you have an aloe vera plant to hand you can apply it’s pulp directly to your hair for maximum benefit. Just pull off one of it’s spiky limbs and scrape out the pulp from the middle with a spoon. Or other things you may have at home are bananas, strawberries, avocados, honey, egg yolks and/or olive oil. They’re all full of hair nutrients. You can mush together whichever you have into a paste and squish it into the ends of your hair to sit for a bit before washing out. Or just use regular hair treatment if you prefer to leave those other things for eating.

If you can, lay off the heated styling for a bit. Embrace summer hair freedom. If you do really need to blow-dry your hair, make sure you put in some heat protector first. Dry it until it’s nearly dry rather than bone dry then let the warmer weather do the rest. If you *really* need to use straighteners or curling tongs, try and let your hair air dry first if you can to cut down on heated styling time.

And be careful when combing or brushing your hair if it’s getting all tangly. Try to use a wide tooth comb while the conditioner’s on your hair in the shower. Gently start from the ends and work up to get the knots out. Much easier than trying to get them out when it’s dry. If your hair’s been baking out in the sun, it will be weaker on the ends and more prone to snapping off so don’t be too rough with the comb or brush.

When you’re back from your sun-soaked days, book in for a hair cut. Even just a trim. Split ends will only get worse so they must be snipped off. Besides, apparently your hair does grow more in the summer, something to do with a higher proportion of telogen hairs

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