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Lovely Long Hair Box Set


Good stuff for lovely long hair. A hair caring set of Hair Perfume and Treatment Conditioner, both in the popular Floral fragrance – Geranium, Bergamot & Vanilla.

Perfect for tending to the tresses of any fair maiden; be they shoulder-length or Rapunzel-esque.


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What do they do?

Hair Perfume with Heat Protection freshens hair up between shampoos. It means less washing, which is better for the hair – and for those with particularly long or thick hair, this really is a blessing! The spray also protects freshly washed hair from the damage caused by heated styling (blow-drying, tonging, straightening) by creating a barrier between the heat and the hair.

Treatment Conditioner is very rich and full of nourishing and moisturising ingredients like silk, honey and olive oil. It can be used either as a regular conditioner or as a leave-in and wash-off intensive masque so it is suitable for most hair types, but is especially good for long hair as longer hair is essentially older hair and is susceptible to more dryness and damage. This conditioner takes care of all of that.

50ml Hair Perfume + 100ml Treatment Conditioner.

Packaged in a hand stamped kraft cardboard box. Handmade and fragranced with essential oils. All packaging is recyclable, the Hair Perfume comes in amber glass, the Treatment Conditioner in amber plastic.

For ‘What’s in the Bottle?’ and the ingredients list, see individual Hair Perfume and Treatment Conditioner listings.


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