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Hair Perfume Box Set


A trio of mini hair perfumes – one of each fragrance.

Floral – Geranium, Bergamot & Vanilla
Citrus – Grapefruit, May Chang & Jasmine
Musk – Neroli, Vetiver & Patchouli

If you can’t decide on a favourite fragrance, or if you like to mix and match, or if you’re buying a gift for someone but aren’t sure which fragrance they’ll like best – why not get the full set!

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What does hair perfume do?

Hair Perfume with Heat Protection freshens hair up between shampoos. If you find washing your hair a pain-in-the-neck, this is for you! It adds shine, calms frizz and fly-aways, restores smoothness and protects hair from damaging heat – all in one spritz.

Can be used on freshly washed hair before blowdrying, or on dry hair before re-styling with heat to act as a protective barrier between the heat and your hair.

What’s in it?

• an anti-frizz ingredient which adds shine and protects from the heat,
• perfumer’s alcohol, which evaporates off the hair, leaving behind fragrance,
• subtle fragrance made with essential oils, which are aroma compounds extracted directly from plants.

Three 30ml bottles.

Packaged in a hand-stamped kraft cardboard box, hand tied with a pretty twine bow. Handmade and fragranced with essential oils. All packaging is recyclable.

For Ingredients list, see individual Hair Perfume listing.
For more of an idea of how they smell, see The Fragrances.


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