The manifesto


I never usually write very personal blogposts, but this morning, in a moment of New Year inspiration (I love January for that) I’ve written a manifesto to express some of the reasons why I make hair products and basically articulate what Hairy Jayne believes in.


I’ve done this many a time, really and truly. With my personal style, that is. Mostly starting at high school, and *definitely* during my art college years, where charity shops were my spiritual home. I do love ‘Fashion’ to look at, but I’ve never really been one for following the latest trends. Fashion is an influence for me, but not a rulebook. I’ve always liked to wear what made me feel ‘unusual’. Although these days I’m much less experimental and try more to dress for my curvier (and slightly bumpier) shape. And I certainly don’t believe in the ‘Hair Rules’. The ones that dictate that women shouldn’t have grey hair, or have long hair past a certain age, or try a fringe out just for the heck of it.


I am a bit of a hippy deep down, and I do worry about how environmental damage will impact our future. I like to use natural products in my life as much as is possible, and I try to buy British, recycle, refuse plastic bags, all those small things that I hope are helping, even if only just a bit.


Life would be soooo boring if we all looked, behaved and lived the same way. I really do embrace the so-called ‘weird’ and quirky, and calling my company Hairy Jayne wasn’t that strange to me, even if I do get some funny looks sometimes. My musical lady heroes are the real risk takers – Bjork, Kate Bush, Grace Jones, Bat for Lashes – all the ladies who really put themselves out there.


Last year I turned 40. It wasn’t so bad at all, in fact I laughed about it quite a bit. I really don’t feel 40, and probably don’t act or dress like a typical woman my age. The only thing I found slightly disturbing about this milestone was thinking about my mother having a 40 year old daughter. To me that’s weird.


It does FEEL really good when you’re looking good and that IS important – BUT – way too much emphasis is put on looks in our world. Put on some lippy and have ‘makeup’ as your hobby if it makes you happy. But don’t spend ALL your time thinking about your looks and especially don’t compare your to other peoples. If you want to be a happy person. You are who you are and you have some really great features and a totally unique personality. And there are sooooo many cool ways to express yourself other than through how you look.


Making things makes me happy, it always has. Even if things end up a little bit wonky or never really get finished, there’s real satisfaction in making things. I’m talking all creative outlets. Drawing, DIYing, baking, cooking dinner, new hairstyles, taking photos on my phone, even making travel plans. I always need to have some sort of project of whatever size on the go. Although I haven’t experimented with any new hair potions for a little while now. I think that may need to be a New Years resolution.

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