Hairy Shopper Points


Earn points and get money off your shopping!
Every £1 you spend earns you 10 Hairy Shopper Points

And you can earn extra points too…

• Just by registering an account you’ll get 200 points added to it to get you started. Boom.
• An extra 100 points will go into your account with every 4th order.
Leave a product review and 200 extra points will automatically be added to your account.
Collect 1000 points and earn a whopping 500 extra points in your account.

100 Hairy Shopper points get you £1 off your bill. (200 points gets £2 off etc, etc).

You will need a Hairy Jayne account to put your points in.
Once you’ve registered, your total points, order history, shipping details etc can be found here (My Account).

Happy shopping!