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As a hairdresser with a business that requires promotion and marketing, it’s often suggested to me by well-meaning people that I start a YouTube channel of hair tutorials. The idea of this not only fills me with absolute dread. (I *hate* being filmed, especially if it requires speaking!) It also makes me think “why would I spend time doing that when there are so many other more-than-willing people out there making them already?”

It’s true, there are already many, many hair tutorial videos up on YouTube, ranging from the very amateur (“Hair tutorial gone wrong”: to the so-professional-you-just-know-you-won’t-be-able-to-do-that-yourself-at-home type. My personal preference for hair styling tutorials comes not from fellow hairdressers but from the types of women I’d probably hang out with. Women who just show you what they do with their hair without constantly pouting and telling you subscribe to their channel. Long winded intros before anything actually happens are a personal no-no too.

Based on all of this, here are:

My list of my most recent top 5 hair YouTubers

  1. Hannah Leigh – for long hair inspo
    12 easy long hairstyles with no heat required:
    How to curl your hair quickly (without fussing about with sectioning):
  2. Helen Anderson (aka Melon Lady) – this lady is not afraid of a bit of colour!
    How to maintain pastel hair the sneaky way (I do this trick myself but NOT with Tresemme – obviously! See how in this post).
    How to get silver hair (a lot of people ask me this, and I say pretty much what she does plus this video shows honestly how it can turn out on hair that’s changed colour a lot).
  3. Patricia Bright – great tips for Afro/curly hair maintenance and styles
    Hair and styles playlist:
  4. Vintagious – easy vintage-inspired hairstyles (handy if you’re off to a swing dance or rockabilly night)
    6 pinup looks for beginners
    Easy fake victory rolls
  5. Roxxsaurus – ideas for long hairstyling, especially braided styles
    Hair playlist:

I don’t know about you, but I find watching women doing their hair really mesmerising! (Those, and the looped videos that illustrators post of themselves drawing or inking their designs.)

I’ll finish with a little guilty pleasure of mine – I find the way this guy cuts hair really soothing! Might just be me though 🙂  (I’d recommend watching the videos with the sound muted as the music can be a little dodgy…)
Tarantula playlist:


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