Hair care while you sleep


The nights are drawing in and it’s time to get all cosy! And for some hair care while you sleep…

These two hair and scalp pixies will do all the work while you snooze.

The Treatment Conditioner is a great in-shower conditioner for regular use. It also doubles up as a leave-in masque, and even better, hair care while you sleep. Apply it to dry hair, leave to soak in and then shampoo out in the morning. It leaves your hair feeling so soft and silky the next day. I usually put it in my hair (dry) on a Sunday night while watching telly. By the time I get head down to drift off to the land of nod, it’s dry enough not to leave a mark on my pillow.

Same with the Pre-shampoo Treatment Oil. It’s a natural tonic with olive and pomegranate oils in it. They sort out any dryness or itchy patches on your scalp. Use the pipette to apply the oil directly to your scalp and massage it through. Then brush the oil through to the ends of your hair. This is where the argan and coconut oils do their bit to help. Then there’s the added power of lavender essential oil, which is well known to be a sleep assistant. Again, allow the oil to soak into your hair and scalp for a little while before hitting the pillow for some zzzzz’s. Shampoo and condition as normal in the morning.

And then enjoy your happy hair all day long 🙂

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