Essential oils and hair care

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Smells Like Green Spirit.

Why do I use essential oils for hair care? I love lovely smells, and to me essential oils evoke nostalgia. I love the way that a whiff of a scent that you no longer wear can transport you back to a moment in time instantly. Or the way that a scent can be so intriguing that your nose and brain just have to work together to figure out what it is. Anything with patchouli in it gets my snout twitching. And it’s such a personal experience – for me heavy, spicy, oriental fragrances are my bag but for others they can be way too heady.

Which is why the hair perfumes come in a choice of three scents. For most people, when they first sniff them, the order of preference is either Citrus, Floral, Musk or Musk, Floral, Citrus. Citrus is the lighter end of the spectrum, Musk the heavier (my end!). Floral sits perfectly between the two, getting along really well with both of the others. All of the shampoos and conditioners that I make come in the Floral fragrance (for now). It’s the most popular one and it goes well with all of the Hair Perfumes. One day I plan on rolling out the shampoos and conditioners in the Citrus and Musk fragrances too.

When I use essential oils to make fragrances, I use them more for their botanical aromas than their therapeutic properties. More as mood enhancers than remedies. Apart from in the Pre-shampoo Treatment Oil. The combination of the Clary Sage, Lavender, Bay and Ylang Ylang does smell very fresh and herbal. The choice of these oils was more for therapeutic reasons, as these essential oils are thought to stimulate the scalp and follicles, preventing hair fall. And the Lavender is known to be a sleep promoter, which is good for a product that you can leave in overnight.

Which is your favourite essential oil for fragrance?

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