DIY – Coloured shampoo

If your coloured hair tends to fade fast, a coloured shampoo is a great way to keep it looking fresh. It’s very easy to make your own at home. Coloured shampoos deposit tiny amounts of colour back into your hair every time you wash it. You can use them to top up your existing colour, slightly change it or add subtle tones to your hair.

There are already many pre-made colour shampoos on the market but I only like to use Hairy Jayne (of course). So I DIY my own by mixing colour into Nourishing Shampoo. Bleached hair with pastel or bright tones on top (like mine) fade notoriously fast so this is a good way to slow down the process of fading.

I prefer to use a coloured shampoo rather than conditioner because conditioner shouldn’t really be going anywhere near your roots, only on the ends. I usually want the colour to be deposited all over my hair including my roots (and shampoo does go up there). If you have lighter ends in a dip dye/ombre style or if you do just want the ends to be toned, you can do the same DIY with conditioner rather than with shampoo.

If your hair is blonde or naturally grey/white and is looking a little yellow or brassy, a purple shampoo (sometimes called ‘silver’ or ‘ash’) to brighten it up. Violet is opposite yellow on the colour wheel (remember those from school?) so the purpleness neutralises any yellow tones.

Coloured shampoos will never lighten your hair shade and will always be more obvious on hair that is already pre-lightened. You can add some red, copper or violet tones to darker hair but it’ll just be a lot more subtle.

I like to use Crazy Colours mostly (my love of which began back in the nineties) and sometimes I use Adore or even Stargazer, depending on the colours available to me. Brixton has a good selection of well-stocked hair shops along Electric Avenue and Atlantic Road so I’m usually spoilt for choice!

I prefer to mix the shampoo up in a bowl and then decant it back into the bottle so that I can see the colour as I go along. Make sure you use a bowl that doesn’t matter just in case it stains! And it’s a good idea to wear gloves while you’re mixing (I really should take my own advice, I’ve ended up with a couple of slightly blue nail beds). You can just pour the colour straight into the bottle and shake it up really well if you’d rather not mix it in a bowl or don’t have a funnel. Tip some shampoo out to make room if it’s a brand new bottle, obviously.

I’d recommend starting with a capful of the colour into half a bottle of shampoo. (That way you have spare ‘plain’ shampoo if you need it). Use 2 capfuls if your hair isn’t pre-lightened or if you really want the colour to be strong. You can always add more colour in for your next wash if you want it bolder.

When you wash your hair, leave the shampoo on for a couple of minutes before you rinse to let it soak in and do it’s thing. Dry your hair to see the actual results before adding any more colour into the bottle for the next wash.

The difference in the tone of your hair should build up over time. More so on bleached hair and less so on natural or darker hair. It’s a subtle change and in no way permanent so have a little play with it!

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Here are the results over time about 2 weeks using my blue concoction pictured above:

Quite dark pics but you can see my hair was originally a minty green. It’s now gone much more blue using the shampoo I made. Knocked the yellow out of the mint green while topping up the blue. I did use quite a big slug of Royal Navy Adore in the shampoo and I do have bleached hair so it has made a difference. Here’s a better pic of the colour as it is now in better daylight:

Do let me know if you have a go at DIY coloured shampoo, I’d love to hear the results!

Disclaimer: I am well aware that the ingredients in both hair bleach and these colours ain’t exactly natural! If you were to compare cosmetics to food, they’d definitely be junk food. I do believe in living a balanced life though. Healthy meals most of the time and a big fat dirty burger some of the time 🙂

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