Choosing hair care products

choosing hair products

Freedom of choice.

Do you have trouble choosing hair products to care for your hair? As a hairdresser, I’ve had many clients ask me over the years which type of shampoo or conditioner they should choose. The choice is often overwhelming when faced with a wall of bottles. This is one of the reasons why I started making my own range. To simplify the process of choosing hair products, based on a few common hair problems.
But what if you don’t know exactly which “problem” you might have? This can make choosing hair care products difficult. Sure, if you have super dry hair, that’s easy, you go for the range that moisturises it. But what if it’s dry but also very fine, and goes limp at the thought an intensive conditioner? Or, what if you’re lucky enough to have “normal” hair? This stroke of luck can also be a curse as you can pretty much use anything!
Hair types can be put into groups but no two heads of hair are exactly the same. All are of them are completely unique. But there are usually a few problems that regularly crop up. A healthy scalp or a dry or oily one. Hair that hates conditioner and goes flat. Hair that really needs conditioner because it gets tangly. Hair that needs a hit of moisture to make it softer.
So when you’re choosing – with shampoo, think about any problems you may have with your scalp. That’s shampoo’s job – to clean the scalp. If your scalp is dry it needs nourishing. If it tends to get oily quickly it needs clarifying. If it’s neither (ie “normal”) a nourishing shampoo will keep it healthy. If you have coloured hair and are worried about the colour fading, always use a sulfate free shampoo.
Then think about the hair itself when choosing your conditioner. Is it of the fine and limp variety? Then it will need something very light that simply detangles it. If it’s the type of hair with fine strands but lots of them, it’s “normal” so a medium strength conditioner will do the job of detangling and adding shine without weighing it down. If your hair is very dry from too much blowdrying and colouring, it will need an intensive conditioner that brings it some moisture.
The choice also then comes down to the texture of the product itself. How you like it to feel when you use it? For instance, when you wash your hair, do you like to use an astringent shampoo which gets it squeaky clean (deep cleansing shampoo) or do you prefer a richer, creamier lather (nourishing shampoo)?
Same with conditioner. Think of conditioner as you would think of a moisturiser for your face. If you like it to feel creamy and with a bit of substance, go for a more rich or intense one. If you prefer it just to do the job without any heaviness, go for a light one for fine hair, which will be more of a lotion texture.
Hopefully this has shed some light on the decision making process. There’s also the flow chart designed to help you solve any problems (which can be found on the homepage) but if you need further advice, just ask!

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